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I often try and give my stories an air of authenticity and one subject I find interesting is the use of plants for medicines. Here’s some amazing natural remedies I came across during the course of my research. Different civilisations have used plants and herbs as preventatives and cures for thousands of years. As medicine… Read More

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In The Moon Stealers and the Quest for the Silver Bough, the search for the Bough ends at the Palace of Holyrood House in Edinburgh. I like to use real-life locations as much as possible in my stories and weave my tales to fit some of the information that already exists about them. Here’s some… Read More

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It’s always fascinated me what’s going on underneath our feet that we can’t see and will never normally know about. London is a busy city, and like many capitals every available space is used to its greatest capacity, building taller and taller skyscrapers, but also digging deeper below ground level. In The New Savants I… Read More

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If you’ve read my Moon Stealer books you will know that I propose a location for Avalon from the King Arthur legends. But there are lots of possible theories about where the final resting place of King Arthur could be. Here are some of them… In the legends of King Arthur it is stated that after he… Read More

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English folklore is littered with mentions of Fairies, or Faeries. I took Faerie elements associated with the time of King Arthur (Morgan Le Fay) and wound them into The Moon Stealer series. In the world we live today technology creates the magic and disproves the wonders of the past. But what if we’ve simply lost touch… Read More

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Today’s post is about Raymond Chandler’s detective Philip Marlowe. In a lot of ways the stereotypical detective was a big influence in my character Lawrence Pinkley, but, far from being “hardboiled”, Pinkley is the complete opposite. Two sides of the same card. And that gives the opportunity for humour to come from “larger than life” criminals,… Read More

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