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My latest book, The New Savants, is based in London, a city with a wealth of history and intrigue. Here’s an interesting bit of research about 5 different secrets you might not know about England’s capital city. As Britain’s capital city, London is always a hustling, bustling centre of entertainment and culture. The popular places… Read More

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Whilst writing The New Savants I undertook some research into humans who were not conventionally normal. I truly believe that the human body is capable of much more than we give it credit for – people who have “superhuman” abilities including photographic memories and telekinetic powers. But, one of the other things I came across was… Read More

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For those of you who enjoy the comical antics of teenage detective Lawrence Pinkley, you will know that his crime-busting adventures are largely based around Whitby. Whitby is a small fishing town on the north east coast of England. Here’s some other interesting facts about it: Whitby is a maritime town and historical port located… Read More

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As a writer I try and provide some sort of possible reasoning behind my stories – I feel it makes them more realistic and plausible and the “what if” factor is a great thing to leave with a reader long after they’e finished the book. So that the bacteria that arrive inside the meteor in… Read More

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In the series “The Moon Stealers” I use the concept of teleportation through a door into a parallel world. But how realistic is that? Well, you may be surprised to find some people take it very seriously. In 1931, Charles Fort, an American researcher into anomalous phenomena, began making reference to teleportation spaces and places… Read More

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King Arthur is the subject of many legends and stories that have survived throughout the ages. The king became an influential leader during his reign in the 5th century, gaining the title ‘The One True King of the Britons.’ This was because the kingdom he left behind believed that he would return to defend the… Read More

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