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In The Moon Stealers and the Everlasting Night a band of survivors have relocated themselves inside The Bank of England. I chose this as a location purely from the security point of view. The survivors needed somewhere they could be safe while they organised themselves before moving to try and build a new community that… Read More

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In the Moon Stealer series, one of the locations I use is the iconic MI6 building on the edge of the Thames in London. I try to use real life locations in my books and this is certainly an unusual and imposing building to include in a story! The headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence… Read More

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The British Museum in London is an important setting for part of the story in The New Savants. The architecture is a wonderful mixture of old and new and well worth a visit. The British Museum has been a source of interest to both British nationals, and foreigners, since it opened its doors in the… Read More

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For more than a thousand years, runic symbols with magical properties have been inscribed unto objects to make them more powerful. Small items stamped with these were carried around for good luck, protection and general well-being. Runic charms were also carved into wooden and metal amulets to ensure peace and prosperity, as well as larger… Read More

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Legends surrounding fairies have been passed down by written, and verbal means, for thousands of years. The term is now used to describe supernatural beings that perform specific tasks. In each society, other names have been used for fairies, such as the moira in Ancient Greece and the fata in Ancient Rome. These beings were… Read More

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There’s something magical and wise about ancient woodland and some of the oldest trees in Britain which is why I used them in the final Moon Stealer book (The Children of the Light). Nature has a way of fighting back. There are several ancient forests that are found in Britain, and within them there are… Read More

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