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Today’s post is about Raymond Chandler’s detective Philip Marlowe. In a lot of ways the stereotypical detective was a big influence in my character Lawrence Pinkley, but, far from being “hardboiled”, Pinkley is the complete opposite. Two sides of the same card. And that gives the opportunity for humour to come from “larger than life” criminals,… Read More

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Space is fascinating. Is there life on other planets? In The Moon Stealers series the whole story is based on the possibility of bacteria from another planet arriving within the core of a meteor and growing to become the dominant species on Earth. But how far fetched is this? Well, it’s not impossible… Mars is… Read More

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A couple of weeks ago I released an article about some incredible humans that, despite their disabilities have managed to achieve some amazing things. And, that’s the basis for my latest book, The New Savants – humans who were not conventionally normal. This week I’m taking a look at two pairs of conjoined twins. Modern… Read More

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A different type of blog post today – I want to tell you about a book that inspired me as a child and still inspires me as an adult. In some ways this book was ahead of its time in genetic modification and the impact it can have on the human race, and I recommend you… Read More

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My latest book, The New Savants, is based in London, a city with a wealth of history and intrigue. Here’s an interesting bit of research about 5 different secrets you might not know about England’s capital city. As Britain’s capital city, London is always a hustling, bustling centre of entertainment and culture. The popular places… Read More

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Whilst writing The New Savants I undertook some research into humans who were not conventionally normal. I truly believe that the human body is capable of much more than we give it credit for – people who have “superhuman” abilities including photographic memories and telekinetic powers. But, one of the other things I came across was… Read More

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