Setting the Scene – Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

With most of my books I try and include real locations as part of the story. To me they are just as important as the characters that drive the book forward on their journey of development. They also provide a visual backdrop that the reader can imagine, or even go on the web and research.

Edinburgh-Castle-570x300One of the locations I used in the first Moon Stealer book was Edinburgh Castle (MS#1:Ch15). This was for several reasons – it had history, presence and intrigue. Research only added to these reasons.

Edinburgh Castle sits on top of extinct volcanic rock and has some reference to being occupied dating all the way back to the 2nd Century AD, although, of course, the castle has been changed and added to since then. Such an ancient building with a defined history fitted in perfectly with a back story I needed for one of King Arthur’s Knights, Sir Hadwyn. It has also been reported as being one of the possible locations for Camelot, King Arthur’s castle, in fact even to this day the rock is sometimes known by the nickname Arthur’s Seat.

There have always been rumours that Edinburgh Castle had a networEdinburgh Tunnelk of secret tunnels that stretched even as far as Holyroodhouse Palace at the end of the Royal Mile, but these unfortunately have not proved to be true. However, there are vaults beneath the castle, but the only tunnel is a private entrance for the army to enter whilst avoiding the tourists.

The location of the castle is also perfectly placed to include other ancient and intriguing buildings – perfect for a short quest within the city of Edinburgh.

I appreciate this post is brief, but there is so much information about Edinburgh Castle and it’s history on the internet – well worth a look.


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