Donestre – The Faerie Queen’s Bounty Hunter

Donestre - British LibraryWhilst researching mythical creatures for the second Moon Stealer book, I came across a small piece of information about a creature called a Donestre, as well as a couple of pictures. I was looking for a fearsome creature that would make a formidable warrior for the Faerie Queen.

In ancient times, they were thought to have been found by the Greek, Alexander the Great and appeared in various medieval manuscripts (Bestiary’s) including the Wonders of the East. They were reported to be monsters that greeted unsuspecting travellers in their local tongue. They then killed and ate them, leaving just the head which they sat and wept over.Donestre

My Donestre are bounty hunters employed by the Faerie Queen. They are skilled Polyglots (able to speak in different languages, including dead languages). They have excellent senses and are athletic runners, on all fours as well as two legs. They are commonly between 6 to 7 foot tall, with the body of a man and the head of a lion. To match their formidable size, they needed an enhanced weapon, so I equipped them with an overly long and wide hooked sword which was secured in a leather harness across their back.

(Modern illustration of a Donestre by Kevin Cornell. Visit for some great artwork)

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