Using Runic Script

RunesI have always been interested in Runic symbols and they seemed like the perfect script to use in the Moon Stealer books. I wanted to create a primative feeling of age as well as wisdom.

Runic inscriptions have appeared since the first century when they were etched on objects for practical as well as magical purposes. They have been used as an Oracular device (used to predict the future), as magical symbols, calendars, riddles and poems. They also had practical uses as the marks or signatures of tradesman and stonemasons.

Interestingly, some of the modern English language has origins in Runes. The letter Runic Fcalled Feoh means Fee in English, still used to denote a debt.

Even the shape of the Runes has symbolic meaning today. TheRunic N rune means desire and is the ‘fingers crossed’ symbol we use when we hope (or desire) something.


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