Spy Central – MI6 building, London

MI6I remember the first time I saw the MI6 building. I was on the London Eye and as it reached the top I turned to the west, followed the path of the Thames and saw the peculiar shaped building. I can’t help but wonder what secrets are being discussed behind the green glass and high security. That element of not knowing what’s happening behind closed doors is great for writers – it  gives you a blank canvas to fill with whatever your brain can create! When I started writing the Moon Stealers series, I decided to use the MI6 building as a base for the secrets and lies that might envelope a real meterorite landing in Britain (see MS#1:Ch2). The building makes an explosive re-entry in Book 3 – The Everlasting Night (out April 2012).

Because of its unusual achitecture, the MI6 building has also been known as Legoland and Babylon-on-Thames. It was approved by Margaret Thatcher in 1988 when the existence of MI6 was not officially acknowledged. It has also featured in several James Bond films, but unless you have clearance and actually work there, no one really knows what’s inside…


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