Caniards – Wolf Herders


For the second Moon Stealer book, I wanted to create a new type of human, so came up with Caniards. They are a short race of people that are in tune with nature. They had dark skin, very much like native Americans, with dark braided hair. Every Caniard pairs with a wolf for life. A special mental link exists between the wolf and its owner that enables them to talk to each other as well as tune into their senses.

Generally a peaceful breed of people that farm and live in communities, they also traded with the travellers that passed through the portals from our world into theirs. Some Caniards, particularly royalty, have the ability to see into the future. They are skilled in metalwork and fabric work. Their speciality is making cloaks out of wolf skins that enable them to blend into the surroundings.

King Ulfric successfully ruled the Grey Wolf Caniards in the Underworld until he was betrayed by his blood cousin, Wolfram De Gau, the Black Wolf leader. The Faerie Queen destroyed his kingdom and collected the wolf pelts as trophies. Ulfric’s surviving daughter, Princess Ralphina, helps Sir Edgar and the children across the Underworld to join the native creatures and help overthrow the Queen.


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