The Ouroboros Star


Just like the locations I use in my books, I also like to include known symbols and imagery that actually exists. This gives the books a bit more of a feeling of realism, even if the subject is pure fantasy.

When I began writing about The Faerie Queen in the second Moon Stealer book, I realised that she needed a powerful and magical symbol that incorporated some of her Faerie nature, as well as her immortality. After some research I decided to incorporate two symbols, the Ouroboros and the Seven pointed Star, creating the Ouroboros Star.

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol that represents something that is constantly re-creating itself or being reborn, ie immortal. The serpent or dragon that makes up the ring consumes its own tail and is often seen as a Sigil – a symbol of magic for continual life and death.


To give the Ouroboros more

magical importance, I placed a seven pointed star within the ring called the Elven Star (also called the Faerie Star). The points of the star refer to the sacred number seven. One explanation states that the Elven Star represents

 the human race (two legs, two arms, and a head) together with two wings representing the Faerie race. Another theory suggests the points represent the seven magical elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life,

Light and Magic. Whatever you think the seven pointed star could represent, it certainly has a lot of conn

ections to the world around us: seven is a prime number, rainbows have seven colours, the seven wonders of the world, seven days of creation, seven virtues and seven deadly sins, amongst many, many others.


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