Ground Dwellers – a short introduction.

Dwarf_by_88grzesThere are many different races that live in the underworld, but one I enjoyed writing about were the Ground Dwellers.

They are generally short, about the height of a 10 year old child and tend to be quite grumpy by nature. Their ancient kingdom comprised of a network of tunnels and chambers deep beneath the Arenadra Plains called the Dragonheart Cavern. Underworld legend says that all the bad souls that die make their way to the dragon to be burnt and cleansed by her fire. The Ground Dwellers tunneling unexpectedly disturbed the dragon allowing some of the bad souls to escape and poison many of their people.

Ground Dwellers cannot resist gold and shiny objects and by nature are quite greedy. The current Lord of the Ground Dwellers is Lord Claydem, son of Pithleslip. Although they don’t like to admit it, Ground Dwellers are distant relatives to Hill Dwarfs.

(Artwork by the brilliant Grzegorz Rutkowski)


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