Steven Knights Survival Plan

Dear readers, I have pleasure in welcoming Steven Knight as a very special guest blogger. He will impart some of his knowledge in surviving life with the Moon Stealers in a series of posts. As his life is very unpredictable, I’m sure you will understand if his posts become irregular or fail to arrive.

SK Survival Plan

Welcome to my first Guest Post.

SK ID Card2Before we get down to the important issue of survival, I think it is only right of me to introduce myself. My name is Steven Knight. I’m an operative for the Secret Intelligence Service – SIS (also known as MI6) in London, England. I worked in the Unexplained Foreign Activity department investigating hoaxes and fake photographs, but never truly finding any evidence of aliens. That was until I went to investigate a meteorite landing site in Yorkshire.

But, none of that really matters anymore. The world has changed, humans no longer stand dominantly above everything else on the planet. A new threat has arrived, one that is stronger and more deadly than us. And it threatens our entire existence on Earth and whether we have a future on it. You can’t imagine what life is really like in a world where humans are the hunted. We hide at night, listening to the creatures as they test our defences and attempt to find a way in. For now we are safe. We have found many ways to find food, collect water and harness energy, which I will share with you all over the coming weeks. If we are to survive we need to share our survival tips. Together with my friends, Georgia and Tracker, we are slowly learning how to live in a world without luxuries. When there is no power, even the simplest thing, like brewing a cup of tea, becomes a long and complicated process.

Join me on my next post, when I will tell you about the basic equipment you need to survive in this new world.

Until then, stay together – SK


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