Sir Edgar Gorlois

charles-darwinThe main guardian type character in The Moon Stealers that guides the children to find The Silver Bough is Sir Edgar Gorlois. A gentle knight from King Arthurs time who was chosen as one of the ‘League of White Knights’ that Merlin performed the Immortalitus spell on that prevented them from getting older. They could still die from illness or fatal wounds, but the body remained in stasis which prevented them from getting older. Sir Edgar was tasked with looking after the Shipley family and every descendant of theirs that was born a Seer (someone who can see magic in our world).

Sir Edgar (meaning Protector of the Good) maintains the title of Duke of Tintagel which is thought to be a possible location for Camelot. Silver haired and old. He is tall and slim, with a white beard and sparkling blue eyes. He is gentle and compassionate, but possess a hidden inner strength. When I began thinking about the character of Sir Edgar, I always visualised him to be like Charles Darwin (picture on the left) – wise and gentle, but with a strength to challenge things and not conform.

All good knights need a sword and Sir Edgar is no exception. He was given a white bladed sword made from Adamant (ground diamond and metal) by Nimue, Priestess of Avalon. The sword, named Ethera, is thought to be one of the twelve swords of power.


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