Calling all Indie Authors

Indie Author Hub BannerThe Indie Author Hub is designed to be a resource space for Indie Authors, new and old, to discuss and share their publication experiences and give guidance to other authors.

As an Indie Author, we have an opportunity to break the mould and try something different. Because of the ease of publication, we have the flexibility to change things at the drop of a hat. Traditionally, a change in cover, re-edit, or even re-write, would be a slow and costly process for publishing houses, but, with a few clicks of a button, indie authors can change parts of their books when necessary. This flexibility is great, but there are several disadvantages to being an Indie Author; we simply don’t have the back up and support that traditional publishing houses can provide to their authors. Proof reading, editing and cover design are very costly. Publicity is time consuming and limited. Most Indie books don’t get edited and covers are often DIY jobs. But, are there ways to get help with these services without breaking the bank? To be an Indie, you have to wear many hats other than that of a writer. When all you want to do is write, you have to juggle the proof reading and design, as well as having a ‘normal’ job and running a home. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an author friend that said “don’t waste your time doing that, try this”? The Indie Author Hub aims to be that friend to get many authors views on what works for them.

Indie Author How it WorksThere are many things I learnt when publishing my own books. What works and what doesn’t work. What’s worth spending money on and what’s not. I read various books that tell you ‘how to’, but some were just jumping on the band wagon to make a bit of extra cash, whilst others had some genuinely useful tips. If we don’t have the support that a publishing house can provide, we need to help and support each other. You have a wealth of skills, advice and expertise that someone else who is just starting on the ladder, would love to know about. So let’s share it? If you’ve already published, join a discussing in the Indie Author Hub and share your advice. Everyone has had different experiences and knows what works for them. Help provide guidance to other Indie Authors so they can ultimately produce and market something that stands out against traditional publishing houses. If we pull together, the Indie Author Revolution, might just become that!

Click on this link to join in the discussion. First topics are Plots and Characters – how do you create them?


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