Fountain at Holyroodhouse Palace

Palace of Holyroodhouse

6295516573_b0b49d204e_zAt the end of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh is Holyroodhouse Palace, a royal palace which is the official residence for Queen Elizabeth II when she visits Scotland. In the first Moon Stealer book, the finale of the hunt for the Silver Bough, culminates in front of the fountain in the courtyard in front of the palace. Originally the site of Abbey, the site has undergone constant change and rebuilding since the time of King David I of Scotland.

Holyroodhouse flute statue

The fountain is a 19th century replica that was requested by Queen Victoria to emulate the one made for Kind James V at Linlithgow Palace in West Lothian, Scotland. It stands about 6 metres high and is topped with a lion on a crown. Below are figurines of historic people including Rizzio (Italian Courtier who became the secretary to Mary, Queen of Scots), Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart, as well as soldiers and lions.

One of the figurines I was particularly interested in was the piper, which featured heavily in my book (MS1:Ch26). Although the pipe is made of stone it can transform into silver once it is held by the one with ancient wisdom and a true touch.


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