Merlin’s Key

Whilst reading through some of Sir Edgar’s old diaries, I came across a puzzle he mentions fondly from the time when he was a young knight. King Arthur’s great wizard, Merlin, enjoyed trying to out-smart some of the knights with this number game. According to Sir Edgar, the correct positioning of the numbers would unlock a mechanism within a metal casket which would release a magic spell giving the victor an overwhelming feeling of happiness, but only for a limited period of time. Unfortunately, Merlin had not realised that in large quantities the spell could actually become addictive. Some of the knights had to be put in solitary confinement to “sweat out” the madness the happy spell created within them. The use of that particular magic spell was later banned within Camelot.

I have reproduced Merlin’s game here for you all to try, but without the euphoric reward. Sorry.

Merlins Key


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