Author Interview – Shannon A Thompson

46192_454711821248155_1360473200_nWithin the Indie Author Hub, you can learn about other authors, their thoughts and opinions, what makes them tick and how their writing process works for them.

All this week I will be releasing segments of an interview I conducted with fellow author, Shannon Thompson, a highly motivated and inspiring 21 year old. Check her profile and read about her books here.

Part 1 : Inspiration and preparation.

What inspired you to become an author? I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I started taking it seriously after my mother suddenly passed away on March 16, 2003. I was eleven, but I had to face my own mortality, and the realizations that followed, pushed my passion forward into a career, rather than just a hobby.

So if you hadn’t been an author what would you be? An editor, publisher, literary agent—anything and everything that involved creative English.

Do you write full time? I’m a senior at the University of Kansas, getting my bachelor’s degree in English which I finish this December. I also consider myself a full time writer, even though I may be spending time marketing instead of physically writing that night. I write almost every night from 6 p.m until 10 to midnight. I make a lot of sacrifices within my social life in order to move towards achieving my dreams

Where do you write? I generally write in a hookah lounge, it’s just an excuse to get out of the houseGoing somewhere else allows me to relax more. However, I want to clarify that I don’t advocate smoking. It’s only something I enjoy, and I realize it isn’t healthy for everyone. I’ve also been known by my roommates to be found in my closet.

Do you have daily word targets? No. I try not to force a number. Instead, I focus on the quality.

Before writing, do you plan your books down to the last detail? I have a very specific plan, yes, but I almost always change it as I go, because I realize holes or the characters don’t agree with what I wanted. Basically, I have a plan, but it has to adapt based on where it begins to go.

How do you decide on your characters and what they will be like? I don’t. They do. I may have an idea of what they’ll be like, but they never end up being that way. Ever. So I don’t consider myself as the one making the decisions. I allow them to do what they want to do (I suppose I could say we fight a lot when I try to force them into what I did decide.) I use to name my characters.

How do you get over the fear of a “blank page”? The blank pages don’t scare me; it excites me! It’s possibility.


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