The Gift of Sight

Sight Banner

In the Moon Stealer book series, everything begins with the disappearance of Peter Crisp, a boy that has an unusual ability that allows him to see things that others cannot. He is known as a Seer.

So what is a Seer? Some people are born with the gift of Sight. Not one of the five senses, but an additional sense that allows them to see things that most of us cannot. Magical things. There is so much more in this world than what you see in front of your eyes. But it’s there, all around us. You cannot see the air, but you know it’s there, filling your lungs like a liquid every time you breath. You cannot see love, or sadness, but you feel them inside you, so they must exist. 


The world has not always been as it is today. Once there were magical creatures that mixed freely with men and the bond between our world and the underworld was strong. But, greed corrupts all and the Faerie Queen of the Underworld became twisted with power. King Arthur ordered the portals between the worlds closed, but some creatures remain, including small mischievous creatures Sprites. Have you ever lost something that you were certain about where you left it? Did you have a pretend friend when you were a young child? Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye, but when you looked there was nothing there? Chances are Sprites are responsible.

Even to this day, different cultures across the globe tell tales of strange and mythical creatures to their children. These creatures choose to stay hidden to all but a few who have the power of sight. They themselves end up living on the edge of society, pushed away by the fear it creates in others, becoming insular and withdrawn. But others, like Peter Crisp, desperately want to fit in.


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