Massa – The Puzzle Of Blocks

Whilst researching some of the background information for The Moon Stealer books, I often came across some interesting bites of information about life during the times of King Arthur. One of which is reproduced here.

As young men, Sir Edgar and the other Knights of the Round Table would often pass the time in their encampment by playing a game called Massa, meaning Blocks. The idea was simple, but the knights would need logic and organisation to solve it. Like all good modern drinking games, Ale was the reward. One Knight, the challenger, would set the game and another, the builder, would attempt to solve it within a time limit. If the builder solved the puzzle he would gain a tankard of ale from the challenger’s ration of ale, if he failed, the challenger gained a tankard from the builder.

I have adapted the original game from a small passage I read in a copy of Historia Regum Britanniae and reproduced it below to see if you can solve it.

Building Blocks

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