The Council of the Faerie Queen

681x800_16253_Regina_2d_fan_art_evil_queen_woman_royal_fantasy_portrait_picture_image_digital_artFor the second book in the Moon Stealer series I wanted to explore the land of the faeries, but like most countries and worlds where different cultures co-exist, there is often conflict. Behind every conflict there is usually someone dictating what happens. In this case, the Faerie Queen.

In her magical form, the Faerie Queen is tall, slim and beautiful with black wavy hair that tumbles over her shoulders. But, when her magic fades, she appears in her true form, an elderly woman, her spine twisted and bent. From her tower she commands an army of dark creatures from the Underworld: Donestre, Orcs, Fire Elves and Grindels, to help her in her search for ultimate power and control. However, the problem with a lot of hired help is that they have no true allegiance to anything other than gold. When the coin stops, so does their loyalty. The Faerie Queen’s magical abilities come from a Runestaff called Pendreich’s Bane. The Runestaff once belonged to the evil King Pendreich who lived many centuries ago. During his long and aggressive reign the lands became wasted and dark until Mount Fury erupted and cast a layer of ash over the lands. He died in a cloud of rock dust that burnt his flesh and choked his lungs. For many years the Runestaff was lost, buried beneath the layers of compacted rock and soil, until it was presented to the Faerie Queen at a winter gift exchange ceremony. The Faerie Queen is aided by her adviser Lord Sliptongue, a short elderly man whose frail body is hidden beneath over-sized purple robes. However, his power is in his snake-like voice that whispers the lies and rumors that fuel the Queen’s anger.

Superb digital art by Kristel Ann Raymundo

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