Author Interview – Dan Harris : Part 3

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWithin the Indie Author Hub, you can learn about other authors, their thoughts and opinions, what makes them tick and how their writing process works for them.

All this week I will be releasing segments of an interview I conducted with fellow author, Dan Harris, an inspirational Sci-Fi writer. Have a look at his profile and books here.

Part 3 : Promotion and Motivation

How do you promote yourself online? I started blogging midway through the first draft of Ascension Point, I’d read somewhere that ‘building a platform’ was important. I had no idea what that really meant, but apparently a blog was key. So I started posting random thoughts on writing, reading, sci-fi and fantasy on my site ( and that’s turned into a primary promotional tool. I’ve got ~450 followers there, so quite a few people will see me post about a new release, or a great review, or an interview like this. I blog – and occasionally tweet – about things I’m interested in, which are often science stories on io9, short stories on, or trailers for upcoming superhero movies.

What other promotion has worked for you? The most effective book promo I’ve done was when I managed to get on Ereader News Today’s Book of the Day program. I cut the price of Ascension Point from $4.99 to $2.99 for the promo, and sold about 120 copies in a few days, which was a few more than I’d sold in the five months it had been out prior to that!

How do you keep yourself motivated? I love writing, so it’s not usually that hard. When I’m tired or just plain can’t be bothered, I think about that 5-10 year goal, and get back to it.

thank-you-noteAnd finally…. your top tip for aspiring authors? I have to paraphrase Heinlein’s rules here. “Write. Finish. Submit or publish. Write more.”

Read about Dan’s Writing Process and his Thoughts on Publishing


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