Author Interview – Denise Greenwood : Part 1

Denise 01Within the Indie Author Hub, you can learn about other authors, their thoughts and opinions, what makes them tick and how their writing process works for them.

All this week I will be releasing segments of an interview I conducted with fellow author, Denise Greenwood, UK author of dark, psychological drama. Have a look at her profile and books here.

Part 1 : Denise’s Writing Process

What inspired you to become an author?  I was 7 when I first wanted to be an author and then, life got in the way and it wasn’t until 2009 that I began to think of the story of Temptation. At that time, my only question to myself was “am I able to do this?” and I sat down to write the first paragraphs and to my surprise I’d finished the first chapter and time had flown by. It was simple after that, I continued to work full time but gave myself the challenge to write my first book. As I came to its conclusion the outline of the second had already come to me. Temptation was inspired by the memories of the people I knew years ago during my jaunts through the world of comedy and religion plus the quaint scenery of where I live and how different it is to the world I once occupied. I’ve had various roles before I became an Author – I was a Policy Development Manager for 16 years, actively producing hundreds of training packages and manuals. Before that I worked in Public Relations in the GM Fire Service Publicity Dept and then went into admin and retail. If I couldn’t write fiction then I would love to be a film critic as my tastes are eclectic.

How do you fit writing into your daily routine? An early start at 6am to see to my family before they start their day then exercise before commencing my working schedule at 9am until 6pm. I have a strict schedule and keep to it being disciplined enough to follow it without qualm – after all I’m doing something I love. I write for 4/5 days and have 1 day for social media. Where I write depends on the weather. Sometimes I write in coffee houses or pubs where a conversation can prompt an idea that will evolve at a future date. Otherwise, I write in the local parks or at home in various rooms. I also love to write in my conservatory so that I can often gaze out across the South Pennines and moors.

Do you have a daily word target? I like to complete a chapter in a week, so my focus is more on producing quality rather than quantity during the week.

Do you plan your books down to the last detail? Mostly although it changes as I write and often, as soon as I switch-off from it, I’m overcome with a flash of inspiration and then have to return to it.

How do you decide on your characters and what they will be like? I think about them for a long time first, building them into people in my mind’s eye and getting to the core of what their motives are for acting the way they will do in my books.  Then, I think of how they will interact within my story and I then complete a “Character Profile” and simply filling in a questionnaire about them adds depth and brings forth new ideas.

In Part 2, Denise reveals her thoughts the publishing industry.


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