Author Interview – V S Nelson : Part 2

meWithin the Indie Author Hub, you can learn about other authors, their thoughts and opinions, what makes them tick and how their writing process works for them.

All this week I will be releasing segments of an interview I conducted with fellow author, V S Nelson, American author of Paranormal Romance fiction. Have a look at her profile and books here.

Part 2 : How Virginia Promotes herself

Who is your target audience and how do you promote yourself to them? I suppose my target audience for the series is adult lover’s of paranormal romance. I even placed an “adult content warning” at the front of each book in the series since they do have some sexual and graphic content. Since a lot of those readers I personally know (but not all) are over 40, I made the decision to release each book in regular and large print, trying to accommodate those with less than perfect eye sight.

How do you use Social Media? I use Facebook, Twitter, Google, authordb, Book trailers, Goodreads, my blog and visit other blogs. In an average day, I spend about 30 minutes in the morning, perhaps another 30-60 in the evening if I feel like getting on line.

What’s your most effective way to promote yourself? Meeting people in person. I recently returned from a book signing tour in CA. Aside from my website I also host a nice blog where I host other guests 5 days a week. The weekends are reserved for me, my characters and VERY special guests; those who are not your typical published (indie or traditional) authors. I’ve also used my Saturday slots for character interviews for my Guardians/heroes, best selling traditional authors many of which are now pulling their back list to self publish, and authors from other countries. Rather than post the same “old” interview on the weekend I try to post something special for my followers.

What made you self publish? I actually turned down both agent and publishing contracts to self pub. Wanted to try my hand at it since I tend to be a “control freak” and wanted a say in my cover, content and promotion. I think many publishers / editors / agents are now looking at successful indie publishers with a totally different eye. In fact many of them are going after them.

Without agents and traditional publishing houses controlling publication, how do you think the massive volume of books that are so easily released, can be vetted for quality and consistency? That is a difficult question considering we have no governing committee like other industries. I’ve had the privilege of reading some great books by indie authors …  Sadly, I have also tried to read some that were filled with grammatical mistakes, misspelled words, that were without a doubt poorly written manuscripts. Many professional writing  organizations like RWA have finally started to acknowledge indie authors but at the same time they are suggesting indie authors use the same criteria for self publishing that traditional authors use, like copy and line editors, professional cover artists, etc. Personally I employ both a copy editor and a line editor.

What is the future of publishing? Your guess is as good as mine. I think we will continue to see a decline in agents and major traditional print publishing houses while we will continue to see an increase in e-publishers.


In Part 1, Virginia talked about her writing process and her Muse.


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