Sci-Fi / Fantasy Kindle Promotional Event

Sci Fi Promo Event Marketing Banner


I am organizing a Group Promotional two day event for authors to cross promote their books to fans and readers of other sci-fi and fantasy authors. This is a great way for readers to find new and exciting authors like you, in the genre they already enjoy.

When :

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July 2013

Genre :

Science Fiction and Fantasy Kindle books that are available on Amazon. If the books you submit for inclusion don’t fit this genre, they will be rejected. But, don’t worry, other themed events will be coming shortly.

Where :

On this blog.

Visit the dedicated page advertising the event.

What you gain :

Access to other authors fans and readers. Increased sales and a higher Amazon ranking. Achieving higher Amazon rankings in your chosen categories will increase visibility of your book to others people searching on Amazon, even after the event has ended.

What does it cost :

Absolutely nothing!

The only thing you need to do is set your Amazon Kindle book price to 99c in the US and 75p in the UK. If your book is not set at this price for the duration of the two day event, they will be removed.

How does it work :

I will collect authors who are interested in participating and build the Event page. I will also create the text and images that each participating author can then use to inform their readers on Facebook, Twitter, their blog, and their mailing list, inviting readers to grab a bargain! The more exposure each author generates helps to benefit everyone. After the event, each author will receive a brief report on the number of viewers of the event, as well as the number of clicks through from their books to Amazon, as well as how many sales were actually generated from those clicks. Of course, when the event has finished you can change  your book back to its original price.

Who can participate in this event :

Anyone who has a book available on Kindle in the genre of this event and can easily change the price of their books.

Indie authors will be able to adjust the price of their book in the KDP dashboard, selecting 35% royalty option and changing the prices. However, traditionally published authors may not find it so easy to change their prices themselves and may have to go through their publishing houses who may refuse your request. If you cannot set your price to 99c / 75p you cannot participate.

What if you don’t write in this genre :

Don’t worry. Other themed promotional events will follow shortly.

How do I take part?

Just complete the form below


17 thoughts on “Sci-Fi / Fantasy Kindle Promotional Event

  1. I’d love to participate but I don’t have a website, which I notice is required. Does this lack count me out?

    1. Hi Alexes – ive changed the form so that the website address is not a required piece of information. Please complete the form and send it over to me to reserve your place. Thanks

    1. Thanks Janet – got your form. I think this will be an amazing event. I have some great authors lined up for it and if we all put a little effort in, the event should be very popular. Thanks for joining us.

  2. I Tim, I just sent in the form. On it I noted that I published through Smashwords. I can adjust the price but it may take up to a week for Amazon to readjust. This means my price will be dropped before the event. Is that acceptable?

  3. Thanks Greta Burroughs and H J Daly – forms received. The event weekend should prove to be a great sales tool for everyone. Have a continuously growing list of authors.that will each bring their readers and fans to the event so they can discover someone new. See you there!

    1. This is the first. Next weekend is the Paranormal Romance Kindle Event. They are proving very popular with authors and readers, so will definitely be doing them again. Follow the blog to get blog updates and you will find out when the next ones are.

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