Win your own Meteorite (minus the alien!)

Win Meteorite BannerMoonstealers Cover Book 1 - Second EdFancy winning a signed book and a genuine meteorite?!

” This book took me on a thrilling ride unlike anything I’ve read before.  I absolutely love the different points of  view, the characters you get to see the story through. The story is not only interesting, but thought provoking, thrilling, and will leave you dying to read the next book! 

The Moon Stealers is a genius story full of adventure! I hadn’t even gotten through the first chapter before I knew there was no way I was putting the book down until I finished it. This is one of those books I read in one sitting. “

This was a recent review of the first book in the Moon Stealer series. It’s satisfying to know that all the hours spent sitting at my computer in the cupboard under the stairs, developing a stiff neck and an even stiffer back, were all worth it!

But there’s more….

On Konstanz Silverbow’s blog ‘No Thought 2 Small‘ she is giving away a signed copy of the book, bookmark as well as a genuine meteorite (without the alien!). For a chance to win, visit her blog.

To read an extract of the Moon Stealer books, just visit my interactive bookshelf.


One thought on “Win your own Meteorite (minus the alien!)

  1. I had a meteorite. Hopefully I still do, and didn’t truly lose it in one relocation or another. It seems like a strange place for meteorites, but a small shower of them landed on a friend’s property in Atlanta quite a few years ago. This is a cute idea Tim.

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