Sci Fi Fantasy Event – This Weekend!

Sci Fi Promo Event Marketing Banner

Sci Fi Promo Event Poster

In case you hadn’t heard, this weekend I will be hosting the Sci Fi Fantasy Kindle Event on my website, where 36 authors in this genre have agreed to drop the price of their ebooks to just 99c / 75p!

Come and have a look and see what is on offer. There is a variety of books available from some great authors, some of which you might not have tried before, but for 99c – what have you got to loose!!! Give a different author a try. Once the event has ended, the ebooks will revert back to their original price, so you only have a limited time to make the most of the event.

There is also a competition running alongside the event with 44 great prizes available, including Amazon Vouchers, signed paperbacks and loads of ebooks. It’s FREE to enter.

If Sci Fi Fantasy is not your thing, come back next week for the Paranormal Romance Event, same thing different genre!


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