Author Interview – Carol Bond

Within the Indie Author Hub, you can learn about other authors, their thoughts and opinions, what makes them tick and how their writing process works for them.

This week I interviewed fellow fantasy author, Carol Bond. Have a look at her profile and books here.

Carol Feb 08What inspired you to become an author? My inspiration to become a writer was not intentional and if I were to believe in fate, then I would have to say, that publishing my book was a foregone conclusion in my life. Ill health left little room to connect with other children, growing up on the sports field was not an option. I turned to a completely different kind of creativity. It began with a good book and has ultimately led me to where I am today. A lover of words, committed to writing and the genre – Fantasy. I loved and still have all Enid Blyton books. I read them to my children and my granddaughter, who will be born in 4 weeks will also, have these stories read to her.

If you couldn’t be an author, what would you be? My creative mind could never be stifled, this I know. Colour, fabric and design would call to me if I could not write. Working in an area that would allow me to explore this, perhaps fashion or interior design would appease another part of me.

Do you write full time? No, I do not write full time and mores the pity. If I had my way and won lotto for instance, then I would find a place that would fill my heart with a calm and dedicate myself to the passion inside. I work part-time as a Field Merchandiser for Sony, Universal Pictures/Home Entertainment. Running a territory, as I visit Mass Stores in servicing DVD’s on behalf of the company. For the past 9 years, this particular industry, has given me the opportunity to gain an understanding of human nature on many levels. I have learnt beyond a doubt that as human beings we are first and foremost, visual creatures.

How do you fit writing into your routine? I write when I can. Like all things with me, I prioritize. Work, home and writing has a place in my life, and balance is the key. Quite often on my days off, I will write or divide the time into sections of the day, where I spend a little of it on my other projects.

Where do you write? I like to write in the middle of the house. It has nothing to do with light or a sense of harmony. It is just that I find this place such a comfort. My animals gather around me and I still feel that I am a part of the family’s comings and goings, as they bustle about their business. I actually gain inspiration in this fashion. Every now and then, I ask questions or share an idea with some passerby. It is an interaction that I love and it does, in a small way include them in my world.

Do you have daily word targets? I have read and heard many writers speak about this question. For some reason I do not agree with the consensus of the majority, that daily word targets must be hit. For me, writing is a creative process that cannot be dictated to. I feel that quality is more important that daily word targets. Sitting down and hitting out words to reach an end is all well and good, but if they are not the right words, then what is the point.

Before writing, do you plan your books to the last detail? I do not have any problems coming up with ideas and have realized, much to my delight that I am a Panster. I find that I can begin with a character or two and from there everything unfolds. Perhaps it is the way my mind just works. I do plan a little, when you are working with 4 or 5 separate story threads, weaving them together a framework is necessary to keep it all on track. But, I do not plan to the last detail. Where would the fun be if I did that?

How do you decide on your characters and what they will be like? I have recently begun to relish in character development. I would truly like to specialize in this area. Human nature is so fascinating. Characters come to me in all shapes and forms, they announce themselves in very clear voices, and I can for most of the time, see and hear them. I have to be careful not to have an over abundance of characters when I am putting together a story.

The_Unseen_Promise front

How do you promote yourself online? Before I released The Unseen Promise, I had thoughts of building awareness of myself and the book that I was writing. For someone, who knew nothing of social marketing or promotions, it was a daunting prospect. I began with a Facebook page and a Twitter account, Goodreads and Booksie profiles. I began to network, making friends and connections along the way. I listened and asked questions, believing that from the experience of published writers I would learn the ropes. I have a philosophy that I try to live by, Learn from other peoples mistakes. With this in mind, I learnt to build a website and a blog page. I conduct interviews in several different forms and am constantly doing my best to improve the flow of traffic to my sites, where my book is advertised.

How do you target you audience effectively? It is very important for me to maintain a healthy and trustworthy relationship with each connection I make online. How do you build up that trust? I listen and connect with those that like to, a one to one basis. This helps develop trust and as well as a friendship. It is essential to share and I believe without a doubt that a win for someone else is a success for me. I am proactive in the belief that sales should be sought out close to home.

What’s been your most effective way of promoting yourself? Promoting myself has been connecting with others like mind. It has been an interesting journey, one I am still enjoying. I have in this way, followed many a lead, some a learning curve, while others have been a successful win. I try to be a realist about my experiences and life as a budding author. It is not easy by any means and it can be all consuming if you allow yourself to be swayed by the impressionable dream of selling countless books. It is after all, what our hearts of hearts pine for. I feel that exposure is worth my weight in gold and this is what I am aiming for.

What offline promotion do you take part in? I still believe that the personal touch has a big part to play in offline promotion. I have begun by approaching bookstores, with exposure first and foremost in mind. Sales I hope will follow from what I plan to do. Placing my books in stores on commission, true the profit margin is slim but at least my work will have a chance to been seen in a public arena.

How do you keep yourself motivated? I motivate myself by falling in love with the story I am telling. It is very simple for me. My imagination is alive and in full swing.

Thank you for being part of this interview.

2 thoughts on “Author Interview – Carol Bond

  1. Enjoyed your interview and agree with so much of what you have said. I hope everything goes well for the future and you get more time to write as well. Thanks for an interesting and informative interview, both. 🙂

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