Where Would You Go If You Were Doctor Who?

Stolen Dylangibsonillustrationdoctorcomic DylangibsonillustrationI’m currently working with a wonderful illustrator called Dylan Gibson who did these great illustrations of Doctor Who. It got me thinking – if you could get in a time machine and go anywhere in time, where would it be?

You could use it to watch a historical moment in time and be part of it. Or, maybe you would want to go back and tell a younger you the lottery results. It might be nice to voyage on the HMS Beagle as it travels around the Galapagos Islands with Mr Darwin.

I’ve had a quick think about this question and I think I would go back and talk to myself, Tim Flanagan, as a child and tell him that it doesn’t matter that he is taller than others of his age, eventually it is an advantage (plus women like a tall man!). I would convince him to accept himself for who he is and not try and fit in with others, but let them fit in with him. Be true to himself and trust in his gut feelings. Advise him to only move forward and never look back with regret. I would tell him to look at the world through inquisative eyes and learn at least one thing from everyone and everything he comes across. The world is an amazing place that never fails to surprise. He shouldn’t expect too much from other people but understand that everyone is different and will not always rise to the standards he expects. Above all, I would tell him to follow his dream and experience a life that feeds his soul.

Age and experience give you the gift of hindsight. Above all, I don’t think Tim Flanagan turned out too bad!

Or, maybe I would go back and write the code for Facebook before Mr Zuckerberg and be living on an island somewhere bathing in a pool of money? But would my soul be satisfied?

Where would you go? (And would you wear a bow tie?)

6 thoughts on “Where Would You Go If You Were Doctor Who?

  1. First off no bow-tie for me. I think I would nip ahead perhaps only 100 years to see how things have turned out. No point jumping too far ahead the changes in society and technology would probably be overwhelming. And I’d bring back some technology to flog in our time…no point going hungry.

  2. Okay Tim… The sound of the TARDIS beckons! I’ll have to put my own style on that bow-tie… I think I’ll wear it on my ankle. The Doctor and I will pop in on Leonardo Da Vinci. He’s a fascinating person. The Doctor or DaVinci, you might ask and the answer is both. Leonardo is quite captivated by the ankle bow-tie, and by ankles in general. The next thing I know, I’m the subject of a portrait he’s painting – or at least my ankle is. I bring the bow-tie masterpiece back to my time and the rights to it alone make me rich. Secretly I miss the Doctor and the old artist.

    1. lol – Teagan. It would be boring if we were all the same and wore bow-ties! Ankle ones – very chic!? Da Vinci would be a fascinating person to go and meet. Saw some of his codex notebooks when they came to London a few years ago – they were amazing! He was so clever and prophetic. Inspiring.

  3. So many fascinating places in history so it’s very hard to choose. I think it would have to be Egypt or South America to witness the building of the great pyramids. 🙂

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