Explore the Tardis


If you go down Earls Court Road in London on Google maps, you will see a familiar blue police telephone box. (Click here to link to the street)

Google Map Tardis

Click on the double arrow pointing to the telephone box and you can enter the tardis!

Google Map Inside Tardis

You can get up close to the central control console and walk up the steps to a viewing platform around the side. Unfortunately there are no rooms to explore, but its fun to be inside! I think this is the version David Tennant rode inside, but I could be wrong.

Enjoy your ride inside the tardis.

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8 thoughts on “Explore the Tardis

  1. As you said, you might be wrong and you are. That is not the Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS. This is Ten’s TARDIS :

    I prefer that one, it’s more organic and really does look to be alive.

      1. You’re welcome, Tim. It’s the Eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS. As I said, I prefer Ten’s because the TARDIS is a living, sentient ship.

      1. Yeah. I always loved the TARDIS, mostly because of the whole “time and space, anywhere you want to go, go there” bit, but also because of the creative side of it, you never know what those infinite rooms are all going to look like, and the DW writers just go crazy with the design of it. A lot of my favorite episodes of the New Series are the ones that really show off the TARDIS.

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