Friday Film – How LEGO began

Last week I was I had break so we went to Bluewater, a huge shopping complex just outside London. The kids were desperate to visit the LEGO shop, and I suppose I was too. Actually, it was me who suggested it! Anyway, it is amazing – a LEGO dragon snakes its way from the shop entrance and through the walls inside. There were models made up: the black tower from The Lord of the Rings, some amazing Star Wars vehicles, a Back to the Future Delorean car, a radio controlled truck! It was amazing! I was so tempted to buy some of the big models for myself, after-all, they hold their value or go up in value after the model has been discontinued. I tried to convince myself, but the sensible part of me kept the credit card in my wallet.

My 4 year old is amazing with Lego. She builds, dismantles, builds, dismantles, then builds again without the instructions. She wanted to spend some of her birthday money on some more, so she picked a ‘friends’ set, which is a series targeted at girls. In it was a great four wheel drive pulling a horse box, together with horse and stable. She loves it.

So, that takes me on to the Friday Film – an animated video about the origins of Lego. It’s long, but worth watching.


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