Author Interview – Paul McNicholas

Within the Indie Author Hub, you can learn about other authors, their thoughts and opinions, what makes them tick and how their writing process works for them.

This week I interviewed Paul McNicholas. Have a look at his profile and books here.

Paul McNicholas at WorkWhat inspired you to become an author? Books.  They can be life-changing.  And after reading a really good book, I am thinking, ‘Wow, I’d like to do something like that!’

Do you write full time? No. I work at a Care Service with adults with some health and learning issues.

How do you fit writing into your routine? It depends on the shifts that I do.  I fit my writing in around my work schedule.  But ideas come at any time.  I jot these down or memorise them, so the writing is easier when I get to it.   I am also working on a book project with one of the residents where I work. This is very different to my Jazz book, and is about the challenges of having a long-distance relationship if you have a disability which limits your freedom of movement.

Where do you write? At home usually.  My first draft is done in a notebook which I then transpose onto my computer.  It somehow seems to flow better for me this way. I like to do first drafts in the morning, and transpose and edit at any time.

Before writing, do you plan your books to the last detail? I have a general idea of what I want to say, a theme that I want to explore and how it might begin and end, then I take it from there.  It will change along the way.

Jazz600How do you get over the fear of a blank page? I have not had that problem lately.  I have found that when the characters begin to drive a story, it gets easier.

How do you target your audience effectively? My story is for younger readers primarily, has a Christmas theme, and also involves animals, and more specifically a cat.  So there are some obvious targets there.

How much time do you spend promoting yourself in social media? I haven’t really started with that, yet, although Aventura, the Publisher, have their methods.

What do you think the future of publishing will be? Perhaps, using more advanced printers, readers will have the clear option of having an electronic version of a book and a physical version. They will print out and keep in physical form the books they really like. People will always like books they can touch.

Is it necessary for authors to have agents these days? I am not sure. It always helps to have someone on your side.

How do you keep yourself motivated? By striving to see some magic in life each day, and knowing that there is so much that we still don’t know, much to explore.  I have to be inspired to sit down and write. In the first instance you have to please yourself and try and be true to what you are trying to achieve. If people don’t like what you do, that is their privilege.  There is always room for improvement, though.

What’s your top tip for aspiring authors? Love what you do.

Thank you for being part of this interview.


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