Introducing – Lawrence Pinkley

Pinkley Banner3On 15 November The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown is released. The book’s protagonist is Lawrence Pinkley, an eighteen year old private detective. When Pinkley’s father dies he leaves an unusual inheritance for his son in the form of the Pinkley Investigation Group (PIG).

Pinkley doesn’t know the first thing about being a private investigator, but he’s willing to learn (with a bit of guidance from The Complete Book of Sherlock Holmes). He enthusiastically grabs every case that comes his way, but things don’t always work out the way he hopes.

[Drumroll….] Please be upstanding for the cover art:

The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown

or, The Pumpkin of Doom.

COVER ARTWORKEighteen year old Lawrence Pinkley is Whitby’s greatest Private Detective. In fact, he’s Whitby’s only Private Detective.

Pinkley’s skills are called into play in the first case of a reluctant career.

One night, in a high security laboratory, a scientist mysteriously disappears, leaving behind an overly nervous assistant and a trail of pumpkin juice. Pinkley is hired to investigate the disappearance by the professor’s beautiful daughter, forcing him to quickly learn the skills he needs to solve his first major crime.

But every move Pinkley makes is being watched.

As he blunders from one clue to the next he stumbles across secret messages, talking pumpkins, the Russian mafia, and hired hitmen. His life now depends on him solving the case. Not to mention the future of mankind!

Available :

15th November 2013

Formats :


B&W Paperback

Colour Paperback

Coming next:

Discover the artwork of Pinkley! Including colour art from the book, preliminary sketches and others not included in the book!


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