Interview with Lawrence Pinkley

Pinkley Banner6Tim FlanaganIn preparation for the release of the first Lawrence Pinkley mystery, The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown, within the next two weeks, I thought it would be nice to get Mr Pinkley to visit my blog. Here is an interesting and candid interview I conducted with him yesterday in a secret hotel room in London.

Tim Flanagan : Good afternoon Lawrence. Your first book is due to be released in less than two weeks, how would you describe your journey?

Lawrence Pinkley : Well, I got a train from Whitby to Kings Cross Station, then a taxi to the Dorchester. It was a pleasant journey, but I wouldn’t recommend the cheese sandwich – bit limp!

TF : What about your metaphorical journey to print? How did the book come about?


LP : As you know, I first met you at a book signing event in Yorkshire. I was searching the shelves looking for Volume 2 of The History of Fake Moustaches when you asked if you could borrow my hat to escape a crowd of teenage fans. Once we had successfully left the building and grabbed a coffee we began talking. You asked about my outfit and I told you my story. We met up several times after that when I talked about some of the cases I have worked on whilst you scribbled away in your notebooks. Later you introduced me to Dylan Gibson, who began sketching me whilst we talked.

TF : You have become quite a celebrity in Whitby I believe?

LP : Yes, they’ve even named a small woodland after me – Pinkley Copse. I’m told it’s a popular place for dog walkers to visit.

TF : You were unexpectedly thrown into the Private Detective business when your father died – had you any previous experience in this field before then?

LP : Only a little. My father took interest in the strangest of small details. We would often play games trying to work out information about people we had never met. I always thought it was just him inventing stories, but now I know he was observing the world around him and understanding the people in it. For example, the tears on an envelope would indicate a left or right handed person. The way someone walked could tell him something of their medical problems, or the how their eye contact could betray their reactions.

TF : I know a lot of readers will want to know why you wear a Fedora Hat and trench coat?

LP : That’s my fathers fault. It’s one of the stipulations of my inheritance. Apart from the office, which is where I live, and the detective business, all his money is withheld for five years. I have to run the Private Investigation business and uphold the image that my father developed for that time for the money to be released. He read a book about branding once and got carried away with the idea. But, people seem to like old fashioned things. I actually feel quite comfortable in the uniform now.

TF : What do you think you will do when the five years is up?

Chapter27 sketch imageLP : Five years is a long time, Tim. Ask me again nearer the time.

TF : The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown was your first high profile case, what others have you done since?

LP : I have to respect client confidentiality, but what I can say is that I am currently working on a sensitive case with Hollywood movie star, Dunstely Prude of the Jim Stick Spy film franchise. When I have some free time we could schedule some more meetings to document that case. I think your readers might enjoy a bit of Hollywood glamour.

TF : I’m sure they would. We must schedule those in for next year. Okay, some fun questions from fans: Maria wants to know what you like to eat for breakfast?

LP : Well that’s an odd question?

TF : I think she likes you…

LP : I like a toasted teacake with coffee. It’s especially tasty with melted cinnamon butter on the top – finger licking good!

TF : Daisy asked: what do you like doing when you’re not working?

LP : I have a strange fascination for carnivorous plants, I like playing Angry Birds on my phone and walking along the cliffs around Whitby.

TF : Well, thanks for having a chat Lawrence. I know you have a train to catch back up to Yorkshire.

LP : Thanks Tim. I’ll be in touch…

Coming Next

EXCLUSIVE SHORT STORY – Test your detective skills – All the clues are there!! First person to correctly solve the mystery will win a set of limited edition signed artwork from the book.

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