The Most Bizarre Interview You Will Read!

Pinkley Banner9I have had the privilege of being interviewed by the very unique Ian Hutson, today. I would recommend getting the full impact of his interview by visiting his website – The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company 

To give you a taste – this is how the interview begins:

Author: Tim Flanagan. AREA 2 are offering a reward for information on his whereabouts. #NOV #ASMSG

Have you seen this man?

If you do see this man do not approach him.

He is known to be armed with a rapier (wit).

I obtained my interview with him before he escaped, just immediately before he escaped as it happened, but it was not easy.

For one thing, it was rather difficult obtaining permission to enter Area 2.

Area 2 is the RAF’s secret base, shared with the chaps from MI5 and has been linked to many myserious sightings of UBOs – Unidentified Bicycling Objects. Quite how Mr Flanagan escaped from his confinement there is beyond me but I will say this – I thought that the back end of my Austin Mini Traveller was a little heavy as I drove away. Perhaps there was more under that old tartan blanket than just the last pheasant I ran over…


The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown

by Tim Flanagan and illustrations by Dylan Gibson

Available in Kindle at Amazon

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