“Every Picture Tells a Story” – When I was featured in Writing Magazine

76922Inside the April edition of Writing Magazine is a small article about my experiences working with an artist.

“On 15 November my new book, The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown, was released.
It is an illustrated humorous detective story aimed at children. This is the first book I have done where I have collaborated with another creative person. It certainly made a pleasant change from sitting in my writing cupboard on my own.
I have always written in a style that is particularly visual, so it only seemed natural for me to one day get those words converted into pictures. But not in the form of a graphic novel. I wanted the pictures to not only illustrate a story, but also feed the imagination of the reader, take them into the story and involve them.
Sometimes book illustrations can be too sterile, like they are looking down on a scene from above, making a statement that the viewer is nothing more than a silent observer. Thinking back to my childhood, I enjoyed regular comics, but the ones I loved most of all were those that had additional things happening on the page, other than the story.
I was approached by illustrator Dylan Gibson, who wanted to work on a project together. I resurrected a story I had written several years ago about an eighteen year old detective, rewrote it and presented it to Dylan. We took each chapter separately, breaking down ideas for illustrations and colour scenes for him to work on. In the end we had too many illustrations and had to cut quite a lot for the final book, but the important ones were always going to be the colour full page scenes. These were the ones readers can glance at to supplement the story, or study to find the extra information and additional jokes that are added in the background that the main characters are oblivious to. These are the sort of pictures that I loved as a child that would make me get my pens out and copy.”
Now available on Amazon, featuring full colour illustrations by Dylan Gibson:
Pinkley 3D
Casebook1 - 3D
The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown,
Lawrence Pinkley’s Casebook


Coming December 2014 Lawrence Pinkley will return in ‘The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Missing Heart, or, A Look To Kill’


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