14 Free Ideas for Facebook Contests, and much more…

Promotion and marketing can often be the most difficult part of being an author. Writing the book takes six months of the year, but marketing takes a lifetime!

So, if you want some help and ideas, this FREE book is worth a look. This is the second Kindle Short in the Feet to Fiction series. The first became a number one bestseller, with over two thousands downloads in a matter of days. I teamed up with E L Jansen on this project.

Here’s a summary of this issues contents:

91aRpCHDDIL._SL1500_Q&A session with Tim Flanagan

Advice on blogging

  • 85 Ideas for blog post content
  • How to structure a blog post
  • 13 ways to promote your blog post

Advice on contests

  • Planning a contest
  • 21 winning ideas for prizes
  • Running contests on Facebook
  • 14 ideas for Facebook contests
  • 21 places to promote your contest

Download it now while it’s still FREE

If you have any burning questions you would like answered that may also be featured in future issues of From Feet to Fiction, just send your question to timflanaganauthor@hotmail.com

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