Showcase Your Artistic Talent

Submit your artwork and it could be included inside a very special edition of The Moon Stealers

MS1 Kindle Cover

I’m excited to announce that the Moon Stealer series is getting a make-over! All four books are being relaunched in July with specially commissioned cover art by Dylan Gibson. And the image on the left is an exclusive look at book one in the series.

As part of the new look, all four books are also going to be released for the first time in one single volume entitled ‘The Moon Stealer Quadrilogy’. This is going to be a very special edition, because I want to donate some of the space inside the book to Moon Stealer fans old and new who have been inspired by the characters and story.

What I would like you to do is create your own piece of artwork based on a character, scene or location from any of the four books and send it to me in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format. Those chosen for inclusion will not only be able to see their artwork published in a book that will be enjoyed all over the world, but I will also send you a signed a copy of the book with a personal inscription dedicated to you. Even if your artwork is not chosen for inclusion in the book, ten lucky runners up will receive a set of four signed limited edition prints featuring the new cover art. 

Moostealer rough1To give you an inspirational head start, here are a couple of Dylan’s rough sketches for a Moon Stealer Creature, as well as a Donestre from book two.

Maybe you would rather paint Sir Edgar, the immortal knight from King Arthur’s time, or Donestre rough1what about the big battle scene in the climax of book two with centaurs and dwarfs fighting it out with the orcs and giant grindels. It’s totally your choice – you have complete freedom.

So, grab your pens, paints, or graphics tablet and let your imagination run wild!

It doesn’t matter what age or ability you are, I would love to see your Moon Stealer artwork.

How to submit:

Send a JPEG, TIFF or PNG high quality digital copy of your image to before the 5th July 2014.

By submitting, you agree that your artwork can appear inside the Moon Stealer Quadrilogy book and may also be featured on this blog (

All work will be credited to you by name.

I can’t wait to see your art!


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