Free Finale to an epic fantasy series!

If you’ve not yet had chance to finish the Moon Stealer series, the final dramatic book is available FREE on Kindle until 10th July – GRAB A COPY WHILE YOU CAN!


Meteorites land on the planet every year…

Some contain alien microbes…

But not all threaten the survival of mankind

The Moon Stealers and The Children of the Light

Book 4

MS4 3D

An alien bacteria has landed on the planet, frozen within the core of a meteorite. But it has developed and grown into deadly creatures that relentlessly hunt humans, removing them from the top of the food chain.

In such adversity, the survivors need to adapt and find ways to live.

Sir Edgar and the children jump through the portal from the Underworld with an unexpected follower. Their task, as explained by Lady Flora, the mother of nature, is to reawaken the magic that flows within each plant and animal.

Meanwhile, Steven, Georgia, and Tracker are heading to the Isle of Wight intending to rescue a young girl called Annie and prevent Coldred from creating a community of Slaves.

Available Now in Kindle and Paperback

“The Moon Stealers and The Children of the Light is the epic conclusion that the reading audience has been waiting for and expecting from Tim Flanagan. If you haven’t read this series yet, I have to ask why not? If you have and have been wondering how it would end, you will not be disappointed! I love that adult or child, each played an intricate roll in the saving of humanity. It teaches adults and children a valuable lesson: you don’t have to be an adult to do important things. As I read this book, I was drawn in by the fabulous storytelling. The descriptions were full bodied without being overly wordy, and as the reader, I could see what was being described. It is not an easy thing for an author to write in such a way that the reader feels as if they are watching the scenes play out before them, but Tim Flanagan does this with what seems like ease. This series was incredible to begin with, and the ending leaves you with a feeling of sweet satisfaction that only the best books can evoke from the reader. The only thing that you might be upset with is that this is the end of a heart thumping ride. Bravo to Tim Flanagan and his latest creation!”


This is a rare opportunity to grab one of the books free of charge – make the most of it.


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