3 New Book Releases

The End of a Chapter…

MS4 Kindle CoverWell, it’s been a busy weekend for The Moon Stealers. One that concludes a journey that started about three years ago.

To start with the artwork for book four in the series was sent over, and I think it is quite beautiful! The image shows Avalon rising out of the water, with a little boat heading towards it. I must thank Dylan Gibson for doing some amazing artwork on all four books, as well as the maps and logo. His interpretation of some of the scenes have been an inspiration.

Quad 3DAs a lot of you know, all four books have been re released with new artwork, and for the first time ever two collections were also released this weekend. A kindle box set, closely followed by a wonderful paperback edition containing all four books.


Kindle Box SetI’m very proud of The Moon Stealer books, they are the books that introduced my work to a new generation.

What’s next?

Two new humorous detective books featuring teenager Lawrence Pinkley are coming out later in the year. They are all written and ready to go, just waiting for the artwork to be finished. I am also working on another project at the moment which I am very excited about. It is the first in a brand new series and I think you will love it! At the moment it is untitled, but keep watching – I will give you more information about it as it develops, including some sample chapters soon. ETA – December 2014.

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