Inspector Clouseau, Frank Drebin? Here’s Lawrence Pinkley…

White-arrow-final1As I’m sure a lot of regular followers of my blog are aware, I have worked closely with a very talented illustrator on a series of humorous crime books featuring a reluctant and hapless teenage detective called Lawrence Pinkley. This year I have written two new books to add to the Pinkley collection. The first will be released in October in the form of Pinkley’s second casebook. It contains stories entitled Murder on the Dorient Express, The White Arrow Assassin, and The Halloween Bandits. The second book is another full length novel with copious amounts of colour illustrations called The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Missing Heart. No firm dates on publication as yet, but it should be released at the end of this year, beginning of next. More news as I get it.

But, to keep Pinkley fans happy, here are two treats for you:

The first is one of the new illustrations from Pinkley’s Casebook, Vol 2. That’s it on the top left of the screen and is taken from the story The White Arrow Assassin.

The second treat is a FREE book – from Monday 15 Sept through to Friday 19 Sept you can download the first Casebook for FREE.

Click through to Amazon and download – it won’t cost you a penny.

Lawrence Pinkley's Casebook. Vol 1
Lawrence Pinkley’s Casebook. Vol 1

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