Work Space Blog Hop

I have been nominated by my PR guy and good friend Nick Wale, to participate in the Work Space Blog Hop – a fascinating opportunity to look into the office of different people. If you haven’t already read about his work space, just click here.

2014-09-17 20.09.03I live in an old house in Kent, UK. Access to my office is via a small wooden door off the lounge that is wedged into a corner between a wall and a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. At 6 foot 1, the frame of the door is too low for me and the room is only just wider than my shoulders. Actually, you couldn’t really call it a room, it is just a small space under the staircase. I have a very comfy red orthopaedic chair which helps stop my back getting stiff from sitting at the computer for long hours. The only way to get to my desk is by ducking my head and stepping over the chair, whilst avoiding the cluttered shelf above my right shoulder!

Once seated it is a cosy little room. It’s original use was as a larder, so there is a thick concrete shelf that would have once kept food cool but now supports my printer and various bits of paperwork. The more observant of you will have noticed that the walls are painted pink. For the record, I did not choose the colour. It was already like that when we bought the house about eight years ago and we’ve never got round to redecorating that room. Truth be told, I don’t mind it, I think I’ve got used to it now and it is actually quite a calming colour to work in.

2014-09-17 20.10.25

I’m lucky to have a small window that allows the sun in during the day. This photo was taken in the evening. Scattered around my desk are various notes and reminders on yellow scraps of paper (to the left of the computer) and a small pad on the right. On the shelf top right are various writing and art magazines, as well as my youngest child’s tubs of pens, stickers, googly eyes, glitter, etc. I am surrounded by quite a few things the children have drawn or made for me in the past. A red papier mache heart, “Worlds Greatest Dad” badge (on the left side of the window frame – who am I to argue!), “The sheep of Destiny” key fob, artwork from school, photos, my name written by a Tibetan monk. There is also a black and white photograph of Charles Darwin (in the hat with the white beard). I find him an inspiration and admire him as a human being. We have been to his house several times which is fascinating. It exudes a warm feeling of family unity.

So there you have it. My little pink cupboard under the stairs. I have written eight books in there. Yes, it is small, but it is my space to be creative in that is not totally cut off from the rest of the family. The children often poke their heads in, or my wife passes a cup of tea to me, and that’s the way I like it. I think anything bigger and I might get lost.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what surrounds an authors computer screen. I would like to nominate a hugely talented guy who I have worked with on many occasion. His name is Dylan Gibson and he is the artist responsible for the cover art on my Moon Stealer series, as well as every picture that accompanies the comical antics of Lawrence Pinkley, my teenage detective. Now he has a proper office!


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