A Box of Tricks for 99c

Kindle Box Set (Books 1-4)
Kindle Box Set (Books 1-4)

As a thank you for every ones support over the last two years, I wanted to give something back.

So, for a limited time, I have persuaded William Collins Publishing, London to make The Moon Stealer box set available for the amazing price of just 99c!


That’s four books, 781 pages, four full colour pieces of artwork and a thumping good fantasy adventure, all for less than a cup of coffee!!!

But, it ends on Friday 3rd October, so grad your copy, tell your friends, share this post and get the word out as quick as possible.

The box set contains the following four books.

“If The Hunger Games and Veronica Roth’s Divergent Series have left you eager for more, The Moon Stealers is the next big Urban Fantasy series…”



The Moon Stealers and The Quest for the Silver Bough
The Yorkshire town of Parsley Bottom has a problem…

Peter Crisp, a boy with an unusual gift of being able to see things that others cannot, goes missing after spending the night in a graveyard. Two of Peter’s school friends, join forces with one of King Arthur’s knights to attempt to find him but come across some mysterious engravings which propel them on an adventure beyond their imagination.

Meanwhile MI6 operative Steven Knight is sent from London to investigate a meteor landing site, but Steven is advised by his own boss not to trust the puppeteers that hold the strings to his investigation. Within the core of the meteor is an alien bacteria that evolves at an alarming rate that not only puts Steven’s life at risk, but the entire human race.

The Moon Stealers and The Queen of the Underworld
After finding the Silver Bough the portal to the Underworld opens enabling Sir Edgar and the children to jump through. They find themselves in a world at war and quickly become involved in an uprising against the Faerie Queen.

Their quest to find Peter Crisp continues, but the threat of the alien bacteria back home looms over them. Sir Edgar’s attempt of gaining the Faerie Queen’s help to rid the Moon Stealers from Earth looks like it may be a fruitless task.

The Moon Stealers and The Everlasting Night
The Moon Stealers strike a devastating blow to mankind. MI6 operative Steven Knight, together with Georgia and Tracker, attempt to make their way to London to join other survivors. In the face of despair, survivors react in different ways to their fate and are quick to betray other humans if their own dominance in the new world becomes threatened. Betrayed by another, Steven finds himself at the mercy of the alien creatures and must rely on his investigative powers to discover a way for the human race to survive.

The Moon Stealers and The Children of the Light
The Moon Stealers are relentlessly hunting humans and removing them from the top of the food chain. In such adversity, the survivors adapt and find ways to live.

Sir Edgar and the children jump back to Earth with an unexpected follower. Their task, as explained by Lady Flora, the mother of nature, is to reawaken the magic that flows within each plant and animal so that the Earth can fight back.

Meanwhile, Steven, Georgia, and Tracker head towards the Isle of Wight, intent on rescuing a young girl called Annie, and prevent Coldred from creating a community of slaves.



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