The Halloween Bandits & other stories.

3d bookLawrence Pinkley, is back in yet another set of mysteries.

Lawrence Pinkley’s Casebook Volume 2 is available today. Each story is accompanied by the wonderful artwork of Dylan Gibson whose interpretation of Lawrence Pinkley has become so closely linked to the books.

Join Pinkley as he stumdles through three more investigations in his unique and charming way.

The White Arrow Assassin – Where Pinkley’s curiosity throws him onto a trail of cunning puzzles, can he solve them before the White Arrow Assassin strikes?

The Halloween Bandits – Pinkley pursues a masked gang who repeatedly target shops in Whitby. Can he succeed where the local police force have failed?

Murder on the Dorient Express – Whilst Pinkley enjoys a spot of sightseeing, a simple trip on a steam train results in the bitter taste of murder and wilful destruction.

Download it now at

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Pinkley will return:

The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Missing Heart

Coming soon.


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