New Book Release – FREE!

I’m pleased to inform you all that the new Lawrence Pinkley mystery is now available. And it’s FREE to download onto your kindle – but not for long so grab a copy today!

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The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Missing Heart

Lawrence Pinkley Van Gogh“Teenager Lawrence Pinkley unwillingly inherits his father’s Private Detective Agency on the cold north east coast of England. Despite not knowing the first thing about solving crimes, except from what he’s been able to pick up by reading Sherlock Holmes books and watching endless reruns of Columbo, his reputation as a successful Private Investigator is growing.

But, when Hollywood comes to town, Pinkley stumbles into the path of the dangerously disturbed Doctor Ubel who could quickly put an end to Pinkley’s short career, as well as his life. Meanwhile, Pinkley is employed to find a painting by Van Gogh that has mysteriously disappeared from a locked safe that appears totally impregnable. Pinkley must use all his cunning and limited intellect to find the painting whilst out foxing Doctor Ubel.

Packed with surreal and laugh-out-loud moments, The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Missing Heart is a hilarious crime novel that appeals to anyone from 8 to 80 (or, come to think of it, you might even like it if you’re 100 years old!)”

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This is the second full length novel featuring teenage detective Lawrence Pinkley and is once again packed with colour illustrations by Dylan Gibson.


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