London : The Underground Beast

london-underground_w725_h544There have always been rumours that the vast empty network of tunnels that form the London Underground are home to many strange secrets. Ghosts, unique species of mosquito, ghost stations and even a strange creature.

A strange creature?

In the 1940s, local police discovered a creature that was said to be over six feet tall and muscular, completely naked and described as a “Man Beast.” The “beast” was held securely at Starcross hospital before—apparently—being moved to a secret location deep beneath the London Underground never to be seen again… Or was it?

A young man named Colin Campbell was travelling home, late at night, on the underground in the mid-’60s. As the only person to leave the train at its stop on the Northern Line, he made his way to the exit and heard a loud growl behind him. Campbell turned and found himself face-to-face with a hairy, “ape-like” beast moving across the platform towards the track. Campbell said that the beast seemed to look more like a ghost than a real live creature. He said that the creature’s legs were actually walking through the concrete although its body was above the concrete. Campbell watched as the creature moved onto the tracks and then went into the wall behind the tunnel.

The question is—was this the same beast? And, where is it now? Do you dare go into the darkness of the London Underground at night? You never know who, or what, might be watching you…

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