Some Interesting Information

Here’s a list of small bites of information that I think are fascinating:

American-flag-2a“The Star Spangled Banner” (the American national anthem) was created by an Englishman.

“Pygg” used to mean “clay” in olden day English. People kept their coins in clay jars that were called “pygg jars,” which have evolved into what we currently call piggy banks.

Gargoyles were originally used as drain pipes!

Buckingham Palace has its own police station.

Chickens outnumber humans in England.

The Queen owns all the sturgeons, whales and dolphins in the waters within 3 miles from the UK.

The Queen sent her first e-mail in 1976.

Prince William wanted to become a cop when he was younger.

He also has his own postage stamp.

It’s considered treason to place a stamp bearing the King or Queen’s image upside-down.

Prince William paid $200 to sit in the front row and watch Kate in the fashion show.

Kate Middleton is allergic to horses.

Ginger Spice was originally Sexy Spice, but changed to better suit their younger fans.

Francesca Gray wrote J.K. Rowling her first fan letter, but thought she was a man, and began her letter with “Dear Sir…”

J.K. Rowling is the first person to make a billion dollars from writing books.

James Bond’s code “007” was inspired by the author Ian Fleming’s bus route from Canterbury to London.

No portrait was ever painted of William Shakespeare when he was alive.

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