10 Weasley Twins Facts

1) Fred and George were born on April first, 1978. While only Muggles really celebrate April Fools Day, they still embrace their birth day as a day of chaos. Because of this, and quite a few visits to St. Mungo’s, they haven’t been allowed to have a birthday party since they were seven.

2) The nicknames Gred and Forge were invented at the tender age of five, because Percy couldn’t tell them apart on the brooms and got so confused that he mixed up their names.

3) Fred loves spiders, mainly because their mom hated them, and that’s why he transformed Ron’s teddy bear into one. The reason Ron’s Puffskein was used as a Bludger was because it had eaten the tarantulas the twins had captured.

4) Fred and George wanted to be Beaters from the moment they learned about Quidditch.

5) Like all twins, Fred and George have brother wands with two cores. Fred’s is Silver Fir, 10 inches, pliable, with an Augurey feather and Fwooper feather core. George’s is Spindle Wood, 13 inches, somewhat bendy, and also contains an Augurey feather and Fwooper feather core.

Weasleys_Wizard_Wheezes-geograph.org.uk-32646106) The twin’s favorite sibling is Charlie, as, when they were younger, he was old enough to do the things they weren’t allowed to and he was the Quidditch Captain their first year at Hogwarts. Their second favorite, and the one most likely to follow in their steps, is Ginny.

7) Fred and George met Lee Jordan on the train first year when they were looking for an empty compartment. The Muggleborn had set up a pail of water over the door to ensure his privacy and managed to drench both redheads. They have been fast friends ever since.

8) Fred and George have always been able to read each other’s thoughts.

9) The twins think that Harry needs more laughter in his life, and go out of their way to amuse him- whether it’s by sending him a toilet seat, teasing him about being the Heir of Slytherin, or just goofing off.

10) Fred was ecstatic when he was told there were giant spiders living in the Forest and immediately went off to see them. George had to drag him back to Hagrid’s and make an antivenom potion.


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