10 Fun Bites about Neville Longbottom

  1. Neville adores his new cherry wood and unicorn hair wand. Not only because it is a wand that chose him, unlike his father’s that he used before, but because it feels right in his hand. And, it was one of the last that Mr. Ollivander sold before he disappeared.
  1. Neville understands plants. He always has. He was quite sure he was magical, even when other members of his family weren’t too sure, because he could coax anything to grow. He has a sense for what a plant needs that Professor Sprout thinks is quite remarkable.
  1. Neville-LongbottomLike he understands plants, Professor Sprout understands him. Neville can spend hours working in the greenhouses with his favorite professor, reading the books she recommends, and asking her questions. She understands that he learns better when he is shown.
  1. Neville is better at casting spells these days. His new wand helps, but so does his increased confidence. He is, however, intelligent enough to realize that it is better to appear a duffer whenever he is around a Slytherin. Not being seen as a threat, keeps him healthy.
  1. Neville enjoys Charms class nearly as much as he enjoys Herbology, especially now that he has a wand that feels natural in his hand. He is extremely grateful to Professor McGonagall for suggesting he try for a NEWT in Charms and clearing the way with his Gran.
  1. Neville loves his Gran, he always has, even if she used to scare him almost as much as Professor Snape. As he’s grown up, though, he’s learned that being firm and critical is simply her way of dealing with things. Knowing she failed her Charms OWL, when he received an Exceeds Expectations, doesn’t hurt either.
  1. He hopes that someday his parents might be healed. He knows it isn’t likely, he doesn’t live in a fantasy world, despite it being magical. However, there are occasional signs that they recognize him, which Neville cherishes. No matter how dismal the chances, Neville never gives up hope.
  1. He hopes that Harry will defeat Voldemort, despite how powerful He-Who-Must-Not-Named is – somehow Harry always finds a way. Neville hopes that his three friends will succeed as a team because he knows there is hope for a better future if a Muggle-born, Pure-blood and Half-blood can work together and achieve great things.
  1. Neville wishes he was better on a broom. He can make one respond but he has never really got the hang of flying. He keeps practicing whenever he gets the chance – staying low to the ground, working on balance, hovering, and trying to stay seated. He isn’t good at it, but he thinks he might be getting better. He certainly has no plans to give up trying.
  1. Neville remembers things much better these days. His memory is still far from perfect, but he has worked hard to improve it. Ironically, he owes the improvement to Professor Snape, who set him the boring task of copying lines from a book during detention one evening in Neville’s 6th year. The book was apparently chosen at random from Snape’s bookshelf. The Professor told Neville he would serve detention every evening until he finished copying the book out by hand. Snape allowed Neville to continue copying it during his own time so he would not be saddled with Neville’s presence more evenings than was strictly necessary. The book was on techniques for improving memory and recall.

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