2 New Books, a Giveaway, and Bestseller Listing

Well, today is an interesting day. I have two books released, a giveaway and great news on an old series.

New Book 1:

Book Cover - New Savants1The New Savants: Surge of the Red Plague.

The first in a brand new series of books for young adults.

“In London lies an underground ghost station—empty and unused. Trains don’t stop there any more, but if you look closely on the tunnel walls, you might just spot a grime covered sign for Brompton Road Station. Tucked away from the hustle of London streets, the station holds a secret—a government training facility for those select few who are… unusual. After eighteen years, the Wicks, Wakefield and Lynch Institute for the Gifted has started recruiting once again!

From an early age, Louis Edwards realized that society couldn’t accept what it was unable to explain. And no one could explain what Louis was able to do. Forced to repress his gift and hide it from others, Louis successfully manages to lead an introverted life until the day he finds an unusual metal puzzle. The key to a training facility for people just like him.”

Available in kindle and paperback.

kindle2  kindle-paperback

New Book 2:

cover1First Steps – A Guide To Setting Up and Running A Successful Podiatry Practice.

Obviously this only appeals to a certain audience! I wrote this non-fiction book back in 2007 and it needed a rewrite. Even after 8 years it is still popular with Podiatrists and is even included in the final year reading lists in some of the UK Universities.

Available in kindle and paperback.

kindle2  kindle-paperback


Win a signed copy of The New Savants: Surge of the Red Plague.

Goodreads are giving away two signed copies of The New Savants. Go to Goodreads to enter. Giveaway ends August 9th.


The Moon Stealer series breaks the top 30,000 on amazon.

Kindle Box SetI woke up this morning and saw that sales of the Moon Stealer box set have continued to sore, taking it into the top 30,000 books on amazon. Out of 3 million plus, that’s doing pretty well!

If you’ve not read them yet, grab a copy today:





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