Inspiring Children

Sometimes you get an email that genuinely touches you and makes you realise that real people are reading your books and you are having a positive effect on their lives.

The following email was sent to me from one of my Priority Readers, a group of people who enjoy my books and get them free in return for an honest review. As a “thank you” to my Priority Readers I often give away signed books and amazon vouchers, and the lady in question won a signed copy of the book. After sending a congratulatory email asking for her delivery address she mentioned that her son, a big X-Box fan, was now enjoying reading the book too so I suggested I dedicated the inscription to him. I also included some postcards as well as posters of the artwork.

Hi Tim,

My son just returned home and opened his package, he’s thrilled to bits, and can’t wait to get back to school to show off his book. Hes also going to take some of the cards to the librarian, and to his Teaching Assistant to try and get the book put into the school library. He’s just finished reading The New Savants on my kindle, but is going to restart, his “very own copy.” I’m not sure if I mentioned previously but he has AD/HD, and Aspergers. 

I had to take the book off him last night and force him to go to sleep. 

I’ve just heard him telling one of his friends (over the X-Box) that he’s reading a great book. I think he’s your one boy cheerleading team!

Thank you for igniting a flame in a very hard (at times) to reach child. It’s a rare gift to inspire others.

Words cannot express my heartfelt thanks.


It’s me that should be thankful to this young boy for justifying all the hours spent writing and giving me faith in my books. He makes writing worthwhile and gives me purpose. I feel honoured that a jumble of words that I wrote from inside my little cupboard under the stairs (also known as my office) has created and inspired a young boy to read.

What we do in this world has repercussions. What we write can affect others.

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