Unidentified Flying Objects – Sightings in the UK

UFOsUFOs are, more often than not, dismissed as natural occurring phenomenon, misidentified satellites or aircrafts. At other times, it is impossible for them to be considered anything other than alien vehicles, and many reported sightings reveal the strange activity that occurs in their presence.

Like many other countries, the United Kingdom has regular reports of UFO sightings. One of the most recent took place on June 8, 2016 in Salisbury. At approximately 11:30pm, a night-sky observer, James, saw an incredibly bright object weaving in and out of the stars. At first he had thought it was a satellite, but when it kept increasing in size and brightness James realised that it was something more.

After a few minutes observation, it began to appear brighter than the stars it kept passing. Its initial approach was very fast and then abruptly slowed down. The object dimmed, made a 90degree turn, paused for a minute and then sped off in the opposite direction. James speculated that it tried to enter the atmosphere, but was either unable to or changed its mind at the last minute. James, who observed this phenomenon with a friend, said that he hadn’t even thought about making a video at the time; but was certain that he would have been unable to capture the luminescence of the object on film, even if he had tried.

shutterstock_287067923The presence of some UFOs has been reported to cause altered states of consciousness in their observers, which is what alerts them to something being out of place. One such incident occurred in February 1942 when Eileen Arnold was casually strolling down Cheltenham High Street. She abruptly became ‘tuned into another reality’ and then noticed a large oval object, which was moving slowly along the street at the level of the buildings’ roofs. It was radiating a bright light from holes (possibly windows) on its surface. After this incident Eileen began having psychic experiences and became well-known for her ability to predict the future.

Our curiosity about extra-terrestrial life seems to be something that we have in common with these visitors to our planet. On October 16, 1973 Gabriella Versacci from Somerset, England says she was abducted by a UFO. She was examined thoroughly, by beings that she has been unable to describe, after being strapped to a table. Fortunately, after satisfying their curiosity about Gabriella, her abductees returned her unharmed.

As a result of their frequent flying and training in UK skies, the members of the Royal Air Force are no strangers to encountering UFOs. On September 22, 1956 an 80ft spherical object, with a reflective surface, was observed hovering over the Cleethorpes coast for in excess of an hour. The RAF picked it up on their radar and sent military planes to investigate. At their approach, the object flew off at a speed that the aircrafts could not match and the investigation had to be abandoned. As we advance our technology further, the great mystery surrounding these UFOs and their origins might reveal itself to us, one visit at a time.


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