Super Humans – Incredible Abilities that Manifest among Ordinary People

Books, films and television series about people with above average skills are incredibly popular sources of entertainment. Many of us believe that these extraordinary abilities are unattainable, but it changes the way we view ourselves when they seem to manifest among the seemingly ordinary in the population.

1. The Human X-Ray – Natasha Demkina was born in Russia in 1987. At the age of 10 the way in which she saw the world drastically changed, after an operation to remove her appendix. Natasha has the ability to look directly through people’s skin, and see their internal organs. She observes the inner body as a colourful scene which displays medical problems, and with this ability has been able to help people get the correct treatment or heal themselves. American scientists gave her a test in which she was asked to diagnose 6 people, using her x-ray vision. Unfortunately, they decided that the results were not sufficient to run further tests on her abilities when she was only able to correctly identify 4 of the ailments. Regardless of the scientists’ conclusion Natasha still has a large following and continues to help many people get better.

shutterstock_2071927062. The Eternal Insomniac – One of the recommendations for maintaining our health is getting between 6-8 hours of sleep per day. This is very important for both the body and the brain to recover. Thai Ngoc has defied all the suggested sleep requirements by being awake continuously for over 40 years! Born in 1942, Thai had a normal sleeping cycle until 1973 when he recovered from a fever to discover that he could no longer sleep. After both sleeping pills and Vietnamese traditional cures provided no relief, Thai graciously accepted this difference between himself and everybody else. His inability to sleep seems to have no negative effects, and he spends his very long days working on his farm and taking care of his 6 children.

3. The Iceman – The human body is very susceptible to cold temperatures, which will kill us very quickly if we are unprotected. An exception to this rule is Wim Hof, who has trained himself to survive after exposing his body to extremely cold temperatures. As a teenager he began running barefoot in the snow, and progressed to immersing himself up to the neck in ice as well as undertaking other super cold activities with little or no protection. Wim tries to teach his technique, emphasising that it is a skill that anybody can acquire once they learn to discipline their mind.

4. The Jewel of the Nation – Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Jue was born in mainland China in 1934, where he eventually received his nickname because of his amazing healing powers. His gifts have been verified by both medical and scientific research. In order to administer help, Zhou generates extreme heat in his hands which he then places on the parts of the body that he is trying to heal. In addition to healing, the grandmaster practices the skills and arts of Qigong and can also support his entire body weight on a sheet of paper.

Most of our current real life super humans believe that their skills are a result of harnessing and focusing their minds. This belief shows that with a little dedication we should all be able to acquire above average abilities, with a little more mind control.


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