The pensioners are revolting…

sam2When a surprising syndicate of old-aged pensioners begin flooding the market with fake banknotes there’s only one twelve-year-old who can stop them—SAM TROWEL, MI6’s newest recruit.


Hilarious spy book for children aged 9 and above.

kindle2   kindle-paperback


Lawrence Pinkley’s Casbook Vol 2

In the second volume of files from his casebook, Pinkley shares another three of his comical mysteries with us.

Lawrence Pinkley's Casebook Vol 2The White Arrow Assassin – Where Pinkley’s curiosity throws him onto a trail of cunning puzzles, can he solve them before the White Arrow Assassin strikes?

The Halloween Bandits – Pinkley pursues a masked gang who repeatedly target shops in Whitby. Can he succeed where the local police force have failed?

Murder on the Dorient Express – Whilst Pinkley enjoys a spot of sightseeing, a simple trip on a steam train results in the bitter taste of murder and wilful destruction.

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